Grace and Gratitude

Giving Thanks Is Still the Order of the Day (continued)

Despite the challenges we face this year, nature around us continues to be awesome. This is a picture from Piatt Park downtown. We need to pay attention to what we have around us. And we should be grateful for the great nature we have here in Cincinnati.

--Sibel Cal Kayitmazbatir, research fellow Human Genetics

On September 29, 2019, a fire completely destroyed my apartment that I shared with my son Nathaniel. We basically lost everything we owned. So we moved in to my amazing daughter and son in-law’s home while we pulled ourselves together.

My amazing and wonderful CICU family came to our rescue. My managers helped me to arrange some time off to be able to collect what we could and just to deal with the aftermath of the fire. They also went above and beyond by arranging a collection of donations to help us out. Without that show of love and support, I don't know how I could have begun to heal and put my life back together.

I know I haven't properly thanked all who donated and showed us love and support, so I thought I would take this time to tell them all THANK YOU!!!

We are extremely grateful and very blessed to be a part of the CICU family. They really are all heart up here.

So again, thank you. You really did save us.

Grateful and Blessed,

Gina Heid, health unit coordinator, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

I started at Cincinnati Children’s in 2010. I didn’t have a lot of experience in healthcare. I was a nursing school drop-out. I certainly didn’t have experience in an operating room. It was by chance that I got an interview. It was luck that I was hired. In 2018, a coworker of mine named Caitlin hadn’t been feeling well for several weeks. Caitlin and I had been working together for several years in the OR by then. She was one of my best friends. After being shuffled to and from various doctors and specialists, Caitlin was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Stage 4, inoperable cancer. She was 30 years old. For two years, Caitlin battled a cancer that ravaged her body. All the while, a family emerged here among her coworkers that embraced her, cared for and comforted her right up until her death in May 2020. It was by chance that I ended up in a department where I have made lifelong friendships. It was through luck that I have been given this opportunity to be a part of a team that is called to create change. The fragility of life is in our hands—from the surgeon who makes the cut to those who document each step. We all play a vital role in each and every patient and family encounter. We can change the outcome. I am grateful to be a part of that. Colleen Smith, patient care assistant II Operating Room

(Pictured l-r) Aimee Sanders, RN; Caitlin Deane, patient care assistant, and Colleen Smith, patient care assistant II, Operating Room.

I am grateful for the simple ability to walk normally without pain. About this time last year, I was at the tail end of recovering from a stress fracture in my hip. I am now able to better empathize with the kids I work with in Sports Medicine who need crutches and are taken away from the activity they love for a time. I try to be mindful of how good it feels to walk now, whether it's a long walk in the park or simply walking from my car into work for the day. Sharon M. Frank, MS, ATC, LAT Sports Medicine

Connie Walder, RN

I am thankful for my family at home and my family at Cincinnati Children's.

My Home Care Team continues to care for all patients and families with the aspiration to keep everyone positive and up-to-date through these trying times.

Not only is my Home Care Team providing the best possible care, but every department that I have had the opportunity to work with here is always willing to go above and beyond to provide our patients with a safe discharge to home.

I am very thankful to be a part of the Cincinnati Children’s family. We continue to grow and adapt no matter what we are faced with.

Connie Walder, RN Home Care

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