July 2022

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Karyn Enzweiler

Shawna Hottinger

Holly Kothe

Leighanne Toole

Cindy Duesing, editor

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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We talk a lot about "One Cincinnati Children's" and how it takes all of us working together to make a difference for the children in our surrounding community and the world.

This month's issue is a snapshot in time of the diverse ways in which we channel our strengths, talents, and energy toward caring for kids and families—some of whom may never cross our threshold.

Consider the FDA's approval of dupilumab for the treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis. Thanks to decades of research conducted by Mark Rothenberg, MD, PhD, and his team, there is hope for children all over the world who suffer from this devastating disease.

In another corner of the medical center, Information Services is always on the alert for cyber-threats in an effort to keep patient, employee and systems data secure.

It's not just staff who are joined in Cincinnati Children's mission. It's the community—and patients too.

In the face of a pandemic shutdown, our volunteers remained engaged and dedicated to assisting staff, patients and families in creative ways.

Members of the All Children Thrive Learning Network are making sure families who live at or below the poverty line have ready access to nutritious food in their own neighborhood.

And finally, there's Bella, a young patient whose fundraising efforts will help other kids like her who are in need of life-altering care.

There are so many pieces to the puzzle. It's exciting to know there are thousands of you who working so passionately to bring the big picture all together.

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