February 2022

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Dakota Campbell

Jessica Canterbury

Michael English

Michelle Hopkins

Shannon Kettler

Leighanne Toole

Jennifer Mobilio

Cindy Duesing, editor

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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If you ask anyone what distinguishes Cincinnati Children's from other institutions, you will likely hear about our collaborative spirit, our outstanding research program or how exceptionally talented and caring our staff are.

But there's another characteristic to add to that list—our refusal to accept the status quo. When challenges arise for which there seem to be no solutions, we roll up our sleeves and figure it out—together.

Our stories this month highlight some of the ways we've tackled difficult situations—staff shortages brought on by the pandemic; saving Fiona, a premature hippo whose IV kept falling out, putting her at risk of dehydration; a quest for earlier interventions to help kids with mental and behavioral health issues before their symptoms cause them harm; an artist who uses his craft to heal kids and relationships within the community, and many more.

We also pay tribute to Hector Wong, MD, who embodied the spirit of changing the status quo for patients who are critically ill.

If you've missed previous issues of Inspire, you can find them in our archives.

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