Cincinnati Children’s Employees at the Heart of Impact

In celebrating the United Way Campaign, Cincinnati Children’s hosts an annual, employee-wide service event benefiting a United Way agency. As the hospital’s largest community partner, United Way harnesses the collective power of resources to lift families out of poverty, increase educational opportunities for those in need, and provide access to healthcare.

The partner agency for this year’s United Way volunteer activity is Every Child Succeeds (ECS). ECS is a special organization in that it promotes positive parenting, often beginning during the first trimester of pregnancy, while also supporting optimal health for babies in the first 1,000 days of life.

As part of the United Way Campaign’s Week of Service, Cincinnati Children’s employees will create 1,000 “learning books” for families served by Every Child Succeeds. Katie and Beth, both ECS nurse home visitors, emphasize that these books are so important in that they “encourage parents to read, talk, and bond with their babies. The learning book activity not only helps the baby’s development but also supplies the mother with the knowledge and tools to teach her baby.”

The learning book is a family-friendly, “take it and make it” activity that employees can complete at home with family, with coworkers or at your desk. Please join us for the 2020 United Way Week of Service Volunteer Event from Friday, October 16–Monday, October 26.

An Employee Perspective—Special Memories from the United Way Campaign

We reached out to Cincinnati Children’s employees who have been involved in past United Way fundraising and service initiatives. They responded with special memories and takeaways:

Erin Fontaine, senior specialist – project management, Biostatistics and Epidemiology

“Each United Way service event is a unique and fulfilling experience. Knowing that I can create something that will serve as a sense of comfort for a child and have fun while doing it…It doesn’t get much better than that! Being able to make valuable, lasting contributions to children and families through service is a powerful thing, and it is what keeps me coming back each year.”

Iten Elyassaki, international specialist, Destination Excellence

“I feel honored to be a part of a supportive community that gets it done. The United Way Campaign unites us to give back to the community in meaningful ways that make a huge difference in others’ lives.”

Mary Jo Bailey, Home Health/Epic Optime, Radiant, Anesthesia manager, EMR

“The United Way Build-A-Bear service event in 2019 was such a wonderful and meaningful activity for me. Having kids of my own, I know how much comfort a simple stuffed animal can bring. Being able to be part of bringing that joy to other kids just made me so happy. I love that Cincinnati Children’s takes care of every aspect of child health.”

Tanya Daniel, EMR technical architect

“I had the privilege of being a United Way captain for the IS department for 3 years. I call it a privilege because United Way has directly affected my life. As a very young child, my family struggled financially and often did not have access to health insurance. I very clearly remember however, that once a year, a very kind nurse would visit our home and give me and my brother a physical. I was blissfully unaware that if not for the generosity of those that gave to the United Way, those services might not have been available. The support that United Way gives to hundreds of community programs touches lives and has impact that ripples throughout our community.”

Paige Dolan, admin supervisor, Neurology

“While serving as United Way Team captain for my department for 6 years, I loved being able to put the “fun” in fundraising. It’s a great feeling to be able to get the whole department involved together as a team, working to raise money, and being able to give back to the community. Also, with the United Way campaign, I especially appreciate that I can select the local organizations I wish to donate to!”

Alex Tricozzi, analyst, EMR

“Being a United Way captain for the Information Services department quickly helped me develop relationships across teams and brought meaning to my everyday work. The annual campaign gives me the opportunity to feel a great sense of gratification that I am making a difference outside of work by enhancing the lives of all in our local community.”

Amy Biersack, director, Volunteer Services

“A few years ago, my team and I put out literature explaining The Anna Louise Inn, a resource for women in crisis. The work of this agency resonated with our volunteers, and they brought in carloads of supplies like household items, nonperishable foods, clothing, and even school supplies for the children who accompany their mothers to the Inn. We have done this for various United Way partners every year since and have learned so much about United Way, our community, and the tremendous needs that exist. There’s power in action.”

Elise Fields,business director, Plastic Surgery

“It has been a true honor to be part of a community of people that want each of us to have a better life. For me, the opportunity to be a leader in the United Way initiative has allowed me to consider the situations others are facing and work toward ensuring our community is thriving and everyone has an opportunity for a brighter future.”

United Way is proud to serve as a vital resource by bringing partners, volunteers, and the community together to support individuals and families in our region. We thank you for giving your time to make a difference in our community through the 2020 Week of Service. An opportunity to make a direct impact on children and families is one of the central roles of being a Cincinnati Children’s employee that makes these events that much more special.

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