Move Days Are Here!

After six years of dreaming, planning, building and training, we are finally ready to make it real.

This weekend’s inpatient move to Location G signals the completion of the largest private project in the history of Cincinnati and the first step into a new era of healthcare for Cincinnati Children’s.

Our new building expands and enhances our ability to care for our most critically ill patients. And families will experience services and amenities that provide greater comfort, space and privacy.

Moves will start early on Nov. 6 and 7, with staff managing the transport of patients. Guides stationed along pre-planned routes will help with wayfinding. And while the Emergency Department (ED) won’t be moving any patients, the new Location G ED will start admitting new patients at 5 am on Nov. 6. 

Transport routes were designed to emphasize safety while minimizing disruptions for patients and employees remaining in the current building. One family member can travel with a patient while other family members can comfortably wait in the concourse, the cafeteria or the family lobby on the new floor until the patient is safely in their new room.

Planning the transportation of approximately 170 patients to Location G without stopping operations was a team effort that required commitment and dedication from thousands of Cincinnati Children’s employees.

Sessions included moving cribs, equipment and wheelchairs to Location G.

Volunteers helped with wayfinding to point staff in the right direction.

To prepare for this weekend and ensure a smooth transition, staff, volunteers, and some parents participated in a mock move to address potential issues. Now, with the grand opening just days away, families are gathering their belongings and receiving instructions from the move team.

“Everyone, from our Patient Services and support teams to our design, consultation and construction partners have all been incredibly engaged,” said Stephanie Cronin, clinical manager, Patient Services. “I could not be prouder to be part of a team that remained focused on making this move a success and ensuring the emotional and physical safety for our patients, families, and staff.”

Volunteer staff, medical teams and families met after mock sessions to debrief.

Move Schedule

Nov. 6

Complex Airway and NICU--G1 PICU--G3 NICU--G4 CICU, CTOR and ACCU--G6

Nov. 7


One Parent Shares Her Moving Story

People often ask if it’s hard for me to go back to the hospital. The answer is, yes, it sure can be. By now I’ve done it enough that it’s more special than hard. It’s where we spent half of Connor’s life, and it’s a place that contains an entire period of life, hospital family and identity for me. This week I’ve gotten the opportunity to spend some time at this special place. I am so thankful I was able to tour the new critical care building and share the experience with Josh and the girls so they could see all the things they’ve listened to me talk about for so long. The amount of planning, thought, input, and love that went into this state-of-the-art project is mind-blowing. They asked parent, patient, and staff input on EVERYTHING. I’m talking from parents sitting in what seemed like hundreds of chairs, to colors/art, to the way the doors open, to how the garbage is emptied, to lighting, etc. Then today I was honored to spend the morning with the amazing staff doing a mock move to prepare for the upcoming transition to the new building next month. It warms my heart to see the passion these caregivers exude, many of them the same friendly faces who cared for Connor 8 years ago. I’m happy to be a very, very tiny piece of this massive project. These people are special. This place is one of a kind. Cincinnati is so lucky to have Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. 🎈

Nikki Logsdon Connor's mom

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