Congratulations to the following employees who celebrate milestone service anniversaries in November:

45 Years

Willa Hocker, Materials Management

30 Years

Arthur Hemmingway, Building Maintenance Maryann Koenig, Center for Professional Excellence

25 Years

Teresa Bowling, Accounting Isis Chesko, RPh, Pharmacy Shatrina Salter, Cradle Cincinnati Shannon Staton-Growcock, RN, Drug and Poison Information Center Renee Willis, Critical Care

20 Years

Teressa Gerwe, Pathology Lisa Green, MD, Emergency Medicine Sonya Harbin, Emergency Medicine William Hemmerle, Information Services Patricia Jasper, Adolescent Medicine Sarah Lopper, OD, Ophthalmology Bhavna Mehta, Information Services Barbara Pierce, RN, Drug and Poison Information Center Dawn Rothchild, APRN, CNS, Advanced Practice Providers Laura Scholles, RN, Same Day Surgery Leslie Treadway, RN, Post Anesthesia Care Unit Sharon Versoza, Information Services LaTonya Walker, Accounting Laura Ward, MD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Lawrence Wissman, Protective Services

15 Years

Emma Allen, Cardiac Catheterization Jennifer Allen, Microbiology Sandra Bechtol, RN, Office for Clinical and Translational Research Robert Blanchet, Home Medical Equipment Lori Burkhardt, RN, Center for Acute Care Nephrology Michael Carrier, Protective Services Gretchen Carroll, Cardiology Marguerita Dalleska, Materials Management Mary Fisher, RN, Office for Clinical and Translational Research Mathew Goodridge, RN, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Anna Herbert, RN, Center for Professional Excellence Tiffany Howard, A3 North Cara Jones, RN, Critical Care Timothy Justus Jr., Information Services Odile Kennedy, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Jane Khoury, PhD, Biostatistics and Epidemiology Joanne Love Upson, RN, Design/Construction/Space Management Nikki Nunnelley, RN, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Alicia Oligee, Emergency Services Syreeta Rogers, RN, General Pediatrics Michelle Siekerman, RN, Liberty Campus/LA4-1 Christina Stewart, LISW-S, Social Services Catherine Terrell, Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology Denise Tolbert, Customer Connections Melissa Tremper, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Kristy Ullom, Infectious Diseases Janet Wagner, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Kristin Watkins, Food Services

5 Years

Lois Alfred, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Kimberly Allen, Operating Room Maria Ashton, Anesthesia Cara Chanos, Sponsored Programs Julia Conroy, Anderson Center Mikia Dawson, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Natalie Denniston, Transport Wendy Dunn, RN, Psychiatry/Managers of Patient Services Kimberly Fallon, Centralized Pre-authorization Carol Farley, Access Services Sarah Fisher, RN, College Hill Chelsea Franklin, Radiology William Fugazzi, RN, Critical Care Michael Gelfand, RN, Operating Room Birhane Gizaw, Patient Feeding Stefanie Gunn, RN, Complex Air Anna Harley, RN, Neurology Tiffany Harrison, Central Clinical Lab Nicole Hollon, Adolescent Medicine Brittany Jackson, RN, A4 North Andrea Klingler, Allergy and Immunology Brittany Knapp, Child Life and Integrative Care Aschli Kurzhals, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Charlene Lamb, LMT, Child Life and Integrative Care Eric Leon, Infectious Diseases Richard Lynn, RRT, Respiratory Care Paul McGhee, Home Care Pharmacy Miranda McLinden, RN, Professional Practice Evaluation Committee (PPEC) Jenna Moffo, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Erin Newell, RN, Patient Services/Network Staff Alyssa Paolella, Anderson Center Duc Hung Pham, PhD, Immunobiology Scarlett Ripberger, Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology Angela Scott, PhD, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Bal Krishan Sharma, PhD, Hematology Samriddhi Shukla, PhD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Taylor Smith, Schubert Research Clinic Eileen Spotts, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Emily Sepanchick, Hemostasis and Thrombosis Elyse Stephenson, LISW, Social Services Amanda Stroud, Operating Room Christina Tepe, RN, Cardiothoracic Surgery Christina Tipis, RRT, Respiratory Care Elizabeth Trenkamp, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Victoria Wasserbauer, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Taylor Watson, RN, Newborn Intensive Care Unit Lisa Wilson, Clinical Laboratories Tara Wolfe, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers

10 Years

Amanda Bayerl, Ophthalmology Zachary Bellman, Information Services Ann Borrego, Mason Campus Operations Meghan Buechel, RN, Hematology/Oncology Brittney Cassell, Infectious Diseases Cheryl Davis, Liberty Campus/Emergency Department Troy Dee, Information Services Tamecia Derrickson, Information Services Katherine Diana, Pediatric Surgery Darrah Dunn, Respiratory Care Richard Havens, Information Services Michael Jankowski, PhD, Pain Management Center Taylor Jenkins, Planning Jessica King, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Lakeya McNary, Social Services Alison Muth, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Dana Roberts, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Nautiah Robinson, Physical Resources Patrick Ryan, PhD, Biostatistics and Epidemiology Jeffrey Shoemaker, RN, Vascular Access Team Catherine Sipniewski, RN, Newborn Intensive Care Unit Maria Skiles, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Amber Vater, RN, A4 Central Michael Vierling, Schubert Research Clinic Catharine Whitacre, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology

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