When Location G opens on November 6, it will mark the completion of the largest private project in the history of Cincinnati and a major step in Pursuing Our Potential Together. With 249 state-of-the-art private rooms, three outdoor gardens, over 1,100 pieces of art and an Emergency Department three times the size of our current ED, Location G combines form and function in ways never seen at Cincinnati Children’s. It will enable us to provide world-class medical care to more critically ill kids from around the world. The collaborative design process has led to innovations and amenities that will provide the best possible experience for our patients, families, and staff.

This monumental task could not have been accomplished without the dedication, passion and commitment of the hundreds of employees, patients, families, community members and business partners who contributed their time and expertise to make our vision a reality. Here’s a look back at what it took to get here and some of the milestones along the way.

Extraordinary Collaboration Brings Location G Vision to Life

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Extraordinary Collaboration Brings Location G Vision to Life (cont.)