From the Beginning, We Partnered with Patients and Families

Even the earliest design sessions in 2016 started with conversations with the people who matter most: our patients and families. At every stage, even during the recent mock move, the voices of the CCB (Critical Care Building) Patient Family Advisory Council played an integral part in creating a building that meets their needs and delivers an exceptional experience. “We didn’t want to make a bunch of decisions and then ask our patients and families what they thought,” said Beth Moone, patient and family engagement specialist, Family Relations. “Instead, we wanted to talk to them from the beginning. We preferred input over feedback.”

Staff and families give their input on the building layout during one of many design sessions.

Community leaders take a tour of Location G.

We Listened to the Community and Strengthened Relationships

We value our relationship and partnership with our community. However, Location G was not initially welcomed by many Avondale residents, who shared their concerns about the expansion. We listened and responded, working with community leaders, organizers, and residents to help promote sustainable economic development and programming. Frank and transparent conversations with community members resulted in a greater level of trust and served as a springboard for improved partnerships that will continue to grow stronger. “When it comes to our partnership with the community, I’m really proud of the relationships we developed during the design and construction of Location G,” said Chief Operating Officer Steve Davis, MD. “We would not have made those connections without our employees. Their ability to listen, collaborate and adapt will serve us well as we continue to partner with the community towards our goal of making kids in Cincinnati the healthiest in the world.”

Employees Collaborated and Contributed Countless Hours and Ideas

As with anything at Cincinnati Children’s, our success is only possible because of our dedicated and hardworking staff who are always looking to expand ways we can better serve our patients. Staff engaged in countless hours of planning meetings and training and shared important suggestions about room design and function, equipment and furniture choices, amenities for staff and patients, and much more.

Staff were able to test equipment and furniture placement in a warehouse that held mockups of patient rooms and other clinical space.

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Extraordinary Collaboration Brings Location G Vision to Life (cont.)