November 2021

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Dakota Campbell

Michael English

Karyn Enzweiler

Shannon Kettler

Jennifer Mobilio-Hill

Dave Schumann

Jeff Wiesemann

Cindy Duesing, editor

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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Welcome to this special commemorative issue of "Inspire," celebrating the completion and opening of our new Critical Care Building, aka Location G. Our journey toward realizing this dream embodies the spirit of collaboration that is a hallmark of Cincinnati Children's culture.

It's not often that we get to mark such a significant milestone in the history of our institution. We are eyewitnesses and active participants in this tremendous investment that will transform the delivery of care for children in our community and beyond.

Inside you'll find photos and stories of the many ways staff, patients, families, and the community worked together to create a truly remarkable space. We've also compiled facts and figures, a map of the new ED entrance and created a Location G version of our POPT Quiz so you can test your knowledge and possibly win a prize.

As we enter into the darkest time of year, let us always seek the light that can be found in purposeful work, kindness, gratitude and caring for the most vulnerable among us.

Together we can do wonders, and the opening of Location G is a shining example.

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