November 2021

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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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Monday, November 22, 2021, marks the end of an era. Michael Fisher, our president and CEO, will walk out the doors of Cincinnati Children's today after 12 years at the helm and begin his next adventure.

Although Michael is not one to draw attention to himself, we couldn't just let him go without some fanfare, some words of congratulations and thanks, and recognition of the amazing things we have accomplished under his leadership.

So, this special edition of "Inspire" is our tribute to the captain of our team who has guided us on a journey through lots of unknowns and kept us focused on why we do what we do—the kids.

In this issue, you'll find stories that illuminate aspects of Michael's work you may not have heard about before. We've put together a summary of achievements and culture evolutions that have happened since 2010, and we've captured some of your congratulations and well-wishes for him.

Thank you, Michael, for your service to Cincinnati Children's and the community at large. What a memorable 12 years it has been. We hope the years ahead are just as wonderful.

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Michael Fisher Ready to Start a New Chapter