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Welcome to the inaugural issue of “Inspire,” a digital magazine dedicated to celebrating the incredible work we do at Cincinnati Children’s. We are facing one of the biggest challenges in our history with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. And in typical Cincinnati Children’s fashion, you have met it with courage, selflessness, ingenuity and compassion. On the following pages, you will find stories about what you and your colleagues are doing to care for patients, families and each other during this uncertain time. You’ll also find photos and tips that offer a glimpse of how you’re coping with COVID-19 on a personal level. And finally, you’ll hear from a parent about what your efforts mean to her and her child with complex needs.

Of course, for every story within these pages, there are hundreds more we could have covered. You can read some of those on CenterLink in our “Highlighting Heroes” series. And more will be coming because we want to capture and share as many of them as we can. This is a historic time. What each of us does plays an important part in how we as an organization emerge on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic—safer, better and stronger together.

Cindy Duesing, editor

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