Coping With COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had the effect of launching us into an alternate universe these past couple of months. As an organization that cares for children, we’ve taken the threat very seriously and painstakingly prepared for every scenario we can think or imagine.

Meanwhile, on a personal level, we’ve done our best to approach this unprecedented time with creativity and humor. We asked you to submit your coping tips and favorite COVID-19-related memes. Here’s a sampling of what you told us:

Meme submitted by Janet Workman, Human Resources

On eating healthy and staying fit

I’ve been packing my lunch and snacks daily just as I do for work. I only eat what I have packed, just like I do when physically making the commute. It’s been very helpful and keeps me mindful of what I’m preparing and eating.

Lucy Marcheschi, RN, Otolaryngology

Chevy the facility dog has been working on his self-care during quarantine! He is learning yoga and all about video chatting.

Just thought I’d share a picture of the laziest co-worker ever! I captioned it, “Again, I’m the only one in THIS office actually working today.”

Lois M Alfred, Coding Services

Entertainment in Quarantine

I am a pediatric emergency medicine physician, still working in the ED at Burnet and Liberty during the pandemic, which has been a bit scary/anxiety-producing.

On my days off, I have our children (Oliver (2) and Penny (4) at home. We have started checking out all the new Hamilton County Parks and have found some wonderful new hikes that have been so amazing for children to explore nature.

One of my colleagues, Wendy Pomerantz, told me about the Hiking Program at the Great Parks of Hamilton County. It requires that you hike seven different trails in the park district in a year, then you can purchase a hiking staff for $3 and each year you can get an annual metal emblem. I will be applying for it for each of my family members, but this is a great opportunity for others to enjoy nature and this beautiful weather while discovering great parks close by!

Lauren Riney, DO, Emergency Medicine

In the NICU we’ve started a dance challenge. We’ve challenged other leadership teams and staffing teams to participate! It’s a great way to get up from sitting all day, move around, and most importantly laugh! We’ve gotten some great videos back! Keep up the great work to motivate our employees—you all are doing a GREAT job with communication! Julie Zix, MSN, RN, Newborn Intensive Care Unit

We found an old whiteboard and markers that have been a lifesaver during our stay-at-home with our 22-month old daughter, Gwen. We use the whiteboard for some fun activities that include learning letters, numbers, colors and shapes. It has provided Gwen with a large space to draw and play that is easily erased as we play and learn throughout the day. Here is a picture as we started our day today.

Dave Seeger, Information Services

Meme submitted by Janet Workman, Human Resources

Meme submitted by Terry Faulkner, The Heart Institute

Meme submitted by Janet Workman, Human Resources

The brand for our chemo prep mats is COVIDIEN. A pile of them kept catching my eye, and when I looked closer, "COVID" jumped out. It was there the whole time!

Andrew McElhinney, MSN, RN II, CPN, CPHON® Inpatient Hematology/Oncology A5C/A5N

Meme submitted by Terry Faulkner, The Heart Institute

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