Congratulations to the following employees who celebrate milestone service anniversaries in June:

40 Years

Linda Donovan, Coding Services Debra Wolf, APRN, CNP, Pain Management Center

35 Years

Devin Adler, RN, General and Community Pediatrics Joanne Bachus, RN, Home Care Sheri Gregor, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Lucy O’Quinn, RN, Hospice Tammy Parks, RN, Legal Barrie Perrine, RN, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Center

30 Years

Brenda Demeritt, RN, A6 Central Colette Desalvo-Wong, Early Education and Care Geri Dinkins, RN, Pulmonary Medicine Elena Duma, MD, Emergency Medicine James Greenberg, MD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Joan Harris, RN, Diabetes/Endocrinology/Clinical Translational Research Center Pamela Hutchinson, RN, DNP, Clinical Instructors Nursing Patty Manning, MD, Chief of Staff Kathleen Mapes, RN, A6 Central Michelle Shinkle, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit

25 Years

Judy Thomas, Rheumatology Scott Wexelblatt, MD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Evan Yeung, MD, Emergency Medicine

20 Years

Cynthia Barclay, PharmD, Pharmacy Mandi Cafasso, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers David Engelke, Information Services Beth Feldstein, Center for Simulation and Research David Fletcher, Human Genetics James Frebis, Information Services Kezia Glenn, B5/Critical Care Stephanie Greger, RN, A3 North Kathy Haders, Early Education and Care Barbara Hallinan, MD, PhD, Neurology Heather Hayes, RN, Allergy and Immunology Veda Lee, A6 Central Marcie Lent, Otolaryngology Edward McClure, RN, Anesthesia Imaging Alexander Miethke, MD, Gastroenterology Megan Miller, RN, B1/Emergency Department Jessica Neumann, Radiology Sarah Riddle, MD, Hospital Medicine Taryn Stumpf, RN, Patient Services Educators Elizabeth Templin, MD, Emergency Medicine Patricia Young, RN, Anesthesia Imaging

10 Years

Joshua Adams, Infectious Diseases Lindsay Behrman, College Hill Christine Benhase, RN, MSN, Information Services Heidi Bothe, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Cristi Brandenburg, Lindner Center of HOPE Robin Brewer, College Hill Andre Clark Sr., Protective Services Patricia Cobb, Emergency Medicine Heather Crandall, RN, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Phillip Dexheimer, Biomedical Informatics Casandra Dobrowolski, RN, B1/Emergency Department Kelli Dominick, MD, PhD, Psychiatry Roshida Doyle, B1/Emergency Department Tracey Flynn, Psychiatry Thomas Galusha, Information Services Kathryn Gieselman, MD, Emergency Medicine Patricia Gribben, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Sharon Gronotte, JD, Legal Jennifer Hellmann, MD, Gastroenterology Brittany Hubbell, MD, Hospital Medicine Gina Klein, RN, Center for Simulation and Research Elizabeth Kramer, MD, PhD, Pulmonary Medicine Jessica Kretzer, RN, A4 North Dennis LaChance, PharmD, Pharmacy Han Liu, PhD, Developmental Biology Jason Long, PhD, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Paige Marks, MD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Sarah Millard, Biostatistics and Epidemiology Megan Miller, LISW-S, Social Services Krista Nee, MD, Palliative Care Jill Nelson, RN, Adolescent Medicine Timothy O’Connor, Radiology Informatics John Pascoe, MD, Pulmonary Medicine Anna Peters, MD, PhD, Gastroenterology Ashley Pinger, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Teri Slusher, RN, Neurosurgery Melissa Smith, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers John Snowball, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Kimberly Sobel, Patient Services Educators Charles Varnell Jr., MD, Nephrology Jenny Werden, RN, Inpatient Care Management Aaron Williams, Marketing and Communications Amy Wiseman, RN, Cardiology Jingyue Xu, PhD, Developmental Biology Christin Zwolski, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy

15 Years

Christina Ackerson, RN, Hematology/Oncology Donna Allen, Orthopaedics Nicholas Ambrosino, PharmD, Pharmacy Kristina Baker, Radiology Margaret Baumann, Oncology Andrew Beck, MD, MPH, General and Community Pediatrics Kellee Bennett, RN, MSN, Adolescent Medicine Anita Boyer, Neurology Julie Bruck, LPN, Private Duty Nursing Nichole Cannon, Speech Pathology Robyn Davis, RN, Medical Vigilance Solutions Keba Dieng, Veterinary Services Adam Diggs, Speech Pathology Jamie Eagan, Radiology Sarah Evans, RN, Home Care Lauren Fischer, RD, Nutrition Therapy Alan Gruesbeck, Materials Management Rebecca Haar, Human Resources Samuel Hanke, MD, Cardiology Aaron Hope, RN, B5/Complex Air Karen Jerardi, MD, Hospital Medicine Robyn Kaiser, RN, Liberty Campus/Post Anesthesia Care Unit Christine Kenning, RN Patient Services Educators Elizabeth LaTulippe, RN, A4 South Diana Lindquist, PhD, Imaging Research Center Kathy Lonzo, RN, Anesthesia Imaging Rajaram Nagarajan, MD, Oncology Katharine Ondo, Speech Pathology Christina Perry, Pediatric Urology Melissa Picard, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Lisa Powers RN, Operating Room Melissa Rednour-Hosmer, RN, HealthVine Robert Reichardt, Speech Pathology Julia Riley, Protective Services Thomas Ryan, MD, PhD, Cardiology Amy Smith, Medical Vigilance Solutions Angela Statile, MD, Hospital Medicine Christopher Statile, MD, Cardiology Justine Suedkamp, RN, Liberty Campus/LA4-1 Jeffrey Tenney, MD, PhD, Neurology Sarah Thomas, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Erin Thompson, RN, Operating Room Angela Turck, RN, BSN, Lindner Center of HOPE Brian Turpin, DO, Oncology Melissa Weil, Post Anesthesia Care Unit Rachel Wilp, RN, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Amy Winer, Radiology

5 Years

Barynia Backeljauw, MD, House Staff Kara Barfell, MD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Cheryl Beasley, Parking and Transportation Allison Berry, RD, Diabetes/Endocrinology/Clinical Translational Research Center Kruti Bhavsar, MD, Hospital Medicine Jennifer Bramlage, RN, Nephrology John Caldwell, MD, PhD, Nephrology Cyd Castro Rojas, PhD, Gastroenterology Caitlin Chicoine, MD, House Staff Anjani Chitrapu, MD, House Staff Cara Conwell, Audiology Laura Davin, LSW, Psychiatry D. Brian Dawson, PhD, Human Genetics Rachel Dawson, RN, College Hill Monica Dugan, APRN, Advanced Practice Providers Maureen Dunn, MD, Pulmonary Medicine Ashley Endres, MD, Emergency Medicine Francisco Flores, MD, Nephrology Carmy Forney, Center for Autoimmune Genomics Etiology Maria Frazier, MD, Critical Care Beth Galloway, Pathology Paige Gardner, Human Genetics Dawn Gazaway, B1/Emergency Department Krista Grande, MD, House Staff Samantha Gray, Pulmonary Medicine Katharine Guarnieri, MD, Allergy and Immunology Holly Hagerman, Proton Therapy Angela Haller, RN, Liberty Campus/Emergency Department April Hanifen, Neurology Ryan Hanna, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Katherine Harris, MD, House Staff Alisha Hartmann, Asthma Center Tricia Hunt, Dialysis Jennifer Jennings, RN, Allergy and Immunology Stephanie Johnson, Parking and Transportation Sarah Jones, Heart Institute Duncan Keegan, MD, Pulmonary Medicine Bijan Ketabchi, MD, Emergency Medicine Divya Khattar, MD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Megan Kroeger, RN, Operating Room Tequoia Little, Hematology/Oncology Julie Mazzaro, RN, College Hill Jessica McFerran, LISW, MSW, Psychiatric Intake Response Center Michelle McGowan, PhD, Ethics Center Alyssa Merk, RN, Liberty Campus/LA4-1 Conor Merritt, MD, Critical Care Peter Mesrin, LPCC, Psychiatry Terri Messmore, RN, Greensburg Tricia Minton, MD, House Staff Belal Muhammad, PhD, Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology Sarah Palmquist, Radiology Elizabeth Parker, RN, A4 North Grant Poston, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Amy Reis, Transport Chanel Robinson, College Hill Derek Roylance, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Ashley Santana, LISW, Social Services Meredith Schulte, RN, Home Care Katelyn Seither, MD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Kathryn Sheldt, Radiology Pavel Shik, Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology Kimberley Sikora, MD, General and Community Pediatrics Brittany Simpson, MD, Human Genetics Seth Simpson, MD, House Staff Bradley Skelton, DMD, Dentistry Jeffrey Steller, Anderson Center Emma Strahm, RN, Specialty Resource Unit Nina Sunkel, RN, Gastroenterology and Liver Transplant Anna Sysak, RN, Operating Room Brett VanCauwenbergh, Oncology Jennifer Weisbecker, Access Services Heather Wied, MD, PhD, House Staff James Williams, MD, Critical Care Adrienne Williams, Radiology Jane Wittman, RN, B5/Critical Care Li Yang, MD, Gastroenterology Lily Yu, MD, Emergency Medicine Alexander Zygmunt, MD, House Staff

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