Talent Acquisition Team Finds Staff for Location G

“Promoting diversity must go beyond raising awareness about job openings.”

With the opening of Location G fast approaching, the Talent Acquisition team has gone above and beyond to attract new staff for the building and provide growth opportunities for current employees.

Delivering Career Opportunities for Our Employees

Talent Acquisition has continued to collaborate with departments to provide career opportunities for Cincinnati Children’s employees. One example is the Pharmacy Technician Training program, which acts as a roadmap for accreditation and mandatory documentation for current employees. This is essential as Pharmacy expands into Location G. “We need to hire new pharmacy technicians, and good candidates are hard to find. Investment in our technician workforce and providing techs with a career ladder has been a critical step in helping us prepare for the transition to the new building,” said Peter Shea, lead pharmacist. Additionally, Talent Acquisition is in the midst of large respiratory recruitment efforts in the form of respiratory cohort and referral programs. The cohort program, developed in conjunction with Cincinnati State, the Center for Professional Excellence, and Patient Services, was created to attract existing employees, students and interns interested in respiratory therapy. Similarly, the respiratory therapy referral program relies on the connections of Cincinnati Children’s employees to refer other capable and passionate professionals. “So far, both programs have been successful, and we’re exploring how to expand in ways that will further help candidates,” said Amy Carroll, senior specialist, Talent Acquisition. Talent Acquisition also uses Career Conversations—a program that creates networking opportunities between hiring leaders and employees—to enable employees to explore career options.

“We need to hire new pharmacy technicians, and good candidates are hard to find.”

A view of the rooftop courtyard on the north side of Location G.

Promoting Diversity Through Recruitment

As part of our Pursuing Our Potential Together diversity initiatives, Talent Acquisition has partnered with faculty and student career services at historically black colleges and universities to recruit students in specialized areas such as nursing, respiratory therapy and medical lab technology—all of which are critical areas of need for Location G. Students can participate in virtual career fairs and attend in-person classroom visits to speak with our Talent Acquisition team about careers at Cincinnati Children’s. Additionally, Talent Acquisition advertises on job boards and talent communities that have diverse student and alumni populations, and they facilitate the Career Insights program, through which they coordinate student interviews with hiring managers of participating departments. “Promoting diversity must go beyond raising awareness about job openings. We also need to help prospects get in front of the managers and recruiters who are in search of diverse talent,” said Kim Hull, manager, Talent Acquisition.

Attracting Talent from the Community

In addition to economic investment, Cincinnati Children’s recognizes that one of the most effective ways to build sustainable relationships with the community is through neighborhood career growth opportunities. This is why Talent Acquisition introduced the Avondale Patient Care Assistant Partnership—a job readiness and training program for students specifically designed for members of Avondale and surrounding communities. Each quarter, the program focuses on education and recruitment of one job segment within Cincinnati Children’s with an overall theme encouraging members to envision a career with us. Topics during the quarterly segments include our philosophies, expectations and culture. “We want to make sure that we’re not only recruiting members of the community, but that we’re also giving them the necessary tools and guidance to build careers at Cincinnati Children’s,” said Hull. Talent Acquisition also partners with the Urban League and Mercy Health Ministries for recruitment and training and presents job openings at quarterly CCB (Location G) community council meetings, which are then cascaded to members of the community. “Over time, these job openings have gotten better and provided more career growth opportunities,” said Adison Nelson, director, Community Relations. “The commitment by Talent Acquisition to not only attract staff but also provide them with opportunities that can lead to long-lasting careers at Cincinnati Children’s has helped us strengthen our relationship with the community.”

“One of the most effective ways to build sustainable relationships with the community is through neighborhood career growth opportunities.”

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