Making Rounds

Congratulations to the following employees on their recent promotions

Megan Adams, to patient representative III, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology; Aleah Andrews, to respiratory care technician, Respiratory Care; Brianna Baker, to program management specialist, Ophthalmology; Theresa Baker, to clinical research manager, Infectious Diseases; Tessa Bangert, to ultrasound special technician, Radiology; Randall Banks, to patient representative III, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology; Brady Basham, to technical analyst I, Information Services; Edna Beckley, to financial representative II, Psychiatry; Nicholas Beddow, to senior compliance specialist, Design-Construction-Space; Donna Bell, to patient representative III, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology; India Belyeu, to financial representative II, Customer Service; Deborah Borchers, MD, to staff physician III, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology; Dylan Bradford, to respiratory therapist, Respiratory Care; Loren Brown, RN, to clinical manager, Western Kentucky Cardiology; Taylor Brumley, to respiratory therapist, Respiratory Care; Hannah Burke, to manager, Sponsored Programs; Germaine Campbell, to operations coordinator, Inpatient; Adrean Carlile, to research assistant II, Oncology’ Richard Carpenter, PharmD, to lead pharmacist, Pharmacy; Courtney Carr, to respiratory therapist, Respiratory Care; Simone Collier, RN, to manager, Psychiatry/Managers of Patient Services; Ann Comello, to medical education specialist, House Staff; Kendra Corpening, to surgical technician, Operating Room; Mary Crail, to support technician I, Laboratory Services; Melissa Cushman, to practice manager, Western Kentucky Cardiology; Catherine Decker, RN, to clinical manager, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience; Katherine Diana, to lead patient representative, Pediatric Surgery; Dayana Diaz Guerrero, to patient representative II, Western Kentucky Cardiology; Dazia Dinkins, to clinical assistant II, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy; Bryan Donnelly, to lab operations supervisor, Pediatric Surgery; Mary Lynn Dunn, to financial representative III, Pharmacy; Shelby Edwards, to respiratory therapist, Respiratory Care; Robert Eichmann, to supervisor, Protective Services; Madison Elkins, RN, to registered nurse, Liberty Campus/LA4-3; Maliaka English, to consultant, Diversity and Inclusion; Preston Evans, to telemedicine senior analyst, Information Services; Jennah Flairty, to exercise physiologist, Stress Testing; Chelsea Forrester, APRN, CNP, to graduate intern, Advanced Practice Providers; Aaron Gibson, to research assistant III, Molecular Cardiovascular Biology; Nakia Givens, to lab support technician III, Phlebotomy Messenger Center; Kaitlyn Green, to special technologist, Radiology; Myleania Grigsby, to technician, Pharmacy; Jennifer Gronauer, RRT, to education consultant, Center for Professional Excellence; Sarah Hallman, APRN, CNP, to nurse practitioner, Advanced Practice Providers; Dante Harmon, to patient representative II, Surgery Registration; Leonard Hatcher, to technician II, Sterile Processing and Distribution; John Hautz, to administrative assistant, General and Community Pediatrics; Lucille Helmer, to representative II, Coding Services; Jeffrey Hightchew, to supervisor, Protective Services; Michelle Howard, to practice manager, Mason Primary Care; Cory Joerger, RRT, to respiratory therapist II, Respiratory Care; Jamela Kelly, to insurance verification representative II, HealthVine; Angela Konerman, to access manager, Registration Services; Emily Kuhnell, to senior clinical data management specialist, Anderson Center; Emma Lange, to special technologist, Radiology; Megan Little, to supervisor, Radiology; Jill Loch, to program manager, Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation; Linda Longshore, to insurance verification supervisor, Plastic Surgery; Stacy Lummus, to patient representative II, Surgery Registration; Anthony Lyttle, to business manager, Neurosurgery; Tyler McCullough, to program management specialist, TIP Program; Alexandria McDonald, to technician II, Health Information Management; Vandana Megaraj, PhD, to research associate, Mass Spectrometry; Lisa Miller, to clinical counselor II, Psychiatry; Regina Mitchell, to operations coordinator, HealthVine; Karen Miz, to research assistant II, Molecular Cardiovascular Biology; Linda Moore, to operations coordinator, Inpatient Operations; Rebekah Moorhead, to exercise physiologist, HealthWorks! Mikayla Murphy, to patient representative III, Registration Services; Casey Nguyen, to graduate intern, Pharmacy; Erica Oesterlin, to respiratory therapist, Respiratory Care; Athena Overstreet, to lead patient representative, Registration Services; Chelsey Owens, to financial analyst II, Human Genetics; Nika Owings, to clinical assistant, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy; Sarah Palmquist, to special technologist, Radiology; Lois Parks, to research assistant III, Oncology; Kaley Pedulla, to financial analyst I, The Heart Institute; Taylor Phelps, to behavioral health specialist, College Hill; Stephanie Pickett, to technologist I, Central Clinical Laboratory; Lauren Quill, to administrative assistant, Pediatric Urology; Myka Radecki, to research assistant II, Oncology; Tina Rajput, MD, to staff physician II, Emergency Medicine; Sheridan Sackman, to transport medicine technician, Transport; Theresa Schmidt, RN, to education specialist II, Patient Services Educators; Erica Setser, to technician II, Ophthalmology; Kathleen Smith, RN, to manager, Managers of Patient Services; Sarah Soule, to program manager, HealthVine; Bailey Squibb, to supervisor, Pharmacy; Matthew Stark, to EMR analyst I, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute; Maya Stephens, to patient representative III, Scheduling Center; Sarah Sweeney, LISW, to care manager, Patient Services Network; Evan Taylor, RN, to registered nurse, A7 Central; Haley Temple, to research assistant III, Pediatric Surgery; Leah Tilton, to research assistant II, Cancer Pathology; Diamond Travis, to insurance verification representative I, Diabetes/Endocrinology/Clinical Translational Research Center; Andrew Warmin, to lead quality improvement specialist, Anderson Center; Racquel Williams, to representative II, Health Information Management; Arllyss Wolfenden, to financial analyst I, Infectious Diseases; Sara Zech, to lead patient representative, Surgery Registration.

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