Dear reader,

The year 2020 is surely one of the strangest and most tumultuous that we’ve encountered in a long time. Dealing with a worldwide pandemic and all the challenges it brings for our physical, emotional and economic health has required us to rethink our approach to just about everything we do in our personal and professional lives. And we still don’t know everything we need to know about COVID-19 itself and its long-term impact. Fortunately, at Cincinnati Children’s, we know about challenges—how to face them together and think through them. We have a long history of dealing with seemingly unsolvable problems and finding hidden clues that lead to solutions.

In this month’s issue of “Inspire,” you will find stories of many innovators—from the people who work in our Emergency Departments to Dr. Vic Garcia, who is focused on making the world a better place for children, especially those born into a culture of poverty and violence. You’ll also read about one dietitian who nurtures infants and their families in more ways than one and about staff who opened their hearts to children in need of a forever family.

May we find comfort in knowing there are smart, strong and caring people who are willing to tackle the world’s problems one loving act at a time. And aren’t we fortunate that so many of these people work right here at Cincinnati Children’s!

Cindy Duesing, editor

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