Happy New Year From Your Colleagues

With the challenges of 2020 under our belts, we look ahead to 2021 with hope for brighter days. Many of you took the time to share your wishes for the new year with us. Some are personal goals, and others are more broadly focused. Here’s a sampling:

My biggest personal wish is for a successful kidney transplant! --Kathy Neff Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy

I wish for 2021 that my son and future daughter-in-law can have their April wedding. Not just for them, but our entire family who have not been together since March, have missed weddings, new babies and many other things.

--Mary Faith Roell Child Life

To learn and grow through developing new skills/hobbies that are typically outside of my comfort zone. --Maria Dehne Marketing and Communications

My wish is to give my home a complete make-over. My truck needs a complete make-over as well. --Latesha Banks Newborn Intensive Care Unit

I wish to be able to take a long vacation and not have to wear a mask. --Rachel Thompson Specialty Resource Unit

My wish is to see our extended family in person, for our church to be able to meet in person again – We miss our church family so much! --Lisa Haller Coding Services

Happy new year to the best work colleagues in the world! May your year ahead be filled with success and happiness! --Yina Du Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology

My wish for the coming year and many to follow would be for all of mankind to come together in peace. 2020 has been a trying time for all. --Marcus Scott Emergency Services!

I have many wishes for 2021, but my biggest wish is that hate disappears and kindness takes over, that people treat each other like they want to be treated. There is so much anger in our world, so much abuse, racism and prejudice. We all have to be better, kinder, more loving. --Cindi Rothert Development

I wish for health for my family and friends. I wish for a huge family gathering, where we can celebrate everything we have missed this past year. I wish my children great happiness and what it means to be kind and to work hard for what they want. I wish for my husband, also happiness and to know, just how much his family loves and cares for him. To my whole family and friends that they know how much I care and love them. For the country, I wish we could just all get along and live together. For the world, that we can all help each other in times of need. -- Kate Taylor Shared Clinic

I wish for a break room for Materials Management. A place to eat and take short breaks. As of now, we eat and drink over the keyboards in the office. --Elizabeth Bible Materials Management

My wish is that everyone can find the insight and the resolve to retain the best new things they added to their life in 2020 and go back to only the best things from their pre-COVID lives. Be choosy! Choose only those things that are self-affirming, health-promoting, and kind to others. --Lynne Fogel Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

I would wish for a country where division is a thing of the past and respect for the history of all ethnicity is honored and celebrated. --Cheryl Reynolds Information Services

My wish is that all of the pain (emotional, physical, torn relationships, torn political climate, inequity, etc.) be healed and everyone walks into 2021 with renewed strength, feeling grounded, and a sense of freedom to just be. --Alison Savage, MS, LPCC-S Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children

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