Congratulations to the following employees who celebrate milestone service anniversaries in February:

40 Years

Thomas Broomall, Protective Services

35 Years

Jim Burger, Building Maintenance

30 Years

Gajra Arya, Biomedical Informatics Ann Barlow, RN, Same Day Surgery Richard Ruddy, MD, Emergency Medicine Debbie Sharp, Center for Safe and Healthy Children Marilyn Stoops, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Dawn Woods, Childhood Trust

25 Years

Lance Bolin, PA-C, Orthopaedics Lisa Cruea, Radiology Tara Farrell, Dentistry Jamasha Hardy, A4 North Tammy Ward, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute

20 Years

Maria Arnold, RN, Liberty Campus/LA4-1 Venus Brown, Same Day Surgery Kenneth Campbell, PhD, Developmental Biology Michael Culp, RRT, Respiratory Care Scott Diesel, Information Services Stephen Gentle, Information Services Ryan Jennings, Psychiatric Intake Response Center Korry Johnson, Patient Feeding Elizabeth Mayer, RN, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Vicky Minning, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Stephen Montgomery, RN, College Hill Kimberly Price-Phillips, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Devona Rhodes, Preventive Cardiology Michael Rutter, MD, Otolaryngology Angela Winiarski, Radiology Jane Wuebker, RN, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute

10 Years

Olayinka Alao, College Hill Shannon Berridge, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit John Besse, Allergy and Immunology Kristin Brausch, RN, Surgery Center Ashley Burwinkel, RN, Post Anesthesia Care Unit Cicely Choate, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Joyce Colwell, Coding Services Lori Corsmeier, APRN, CRNA, Anesthesia Stephanie Feist, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers James Flesch, APRN, CRNA, Anesthesia John Gennett, RN, Same Day Surgery Ricky Hawthorne, Information Services Kevin Heidt, College Hill Brittany Hobbs, Scheduling Center Kelly Kitts, Specialty Resource Unit Denise Lantis, Managers of Patient Services Molly Lierman, APRN, CRNA, Anesthesia Wendi Long, Hematology Colleen Lowe, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Sara Miller, Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology Vasudha Narayanaswamy, MD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Annette Rader, RN, Adolescent Medicine Brittany Robinson, RN, Same Day Surgery Mayur Sarangdhar, PhD, Biomedical Informatics Betty Strauss, Food Services Connie Volker, LSW, Psychiatric Intake Response Center Adrienne Wagner, Ophthalmology Ebony Washington, Community Relations Christine Webster, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Cynthia Wells, Biostatistics and Epidemiology Anastasia Woeste Siemer, General and Community Pediatrics

15 Years

Valerie Brown, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Katherine Brunck, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Hannah Burke, Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation Belinda Carter, Pulmonary Medicine Stephanie Duggins, Coding Services Russell Garrison, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Cheree Goodwin, Registration Services Chris Hill, Food Services Keith Hogan, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Viral Jain, MD, Orthopaedics Ingrid Jurickova, Gastroenterology Julie Lee, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Anastacia Loberg, Regulatory Affairs Jill Long, RN, Bone Marrow Transplantation Michelle Marks, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Michelle Mayer, APRN, CNP, Surgical Pain Services Sarah McGovern, Anderson Center Marisa Merkt, LMT, Child Life and Integrative Care Amelia Meyer, Fetal Therapy Penny New, Regulatory Affairs Brenda Nicholson, RN, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Kathleen Nolan, Human Resources Ajay Ponkshe, MD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Doronna Ryan, RN, Home Care Heather Smith, RN, Patient Services Educators Leah Tyzinski, Endocrinology Elizabeth Warnken, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Trisha Wendling, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Mark Wiechman, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Lynette Witt, Parking and Transportation

5 Years

Courtney Anderson, Information Services Cory Andrews, Food Services Samantha Atkins, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Casey Berling, RN, A6 South Derrick Bobbitt, College Hill Sharon Bosse, Access Services Brandie Bradley, RN, B1/Emergency Department India Brunson, College Hill Andrew Cifuentes, College Hill Amy Clawson, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Andrea Cooks, Anderson Center Brian Cramb, B1/Emergency Department Michael Crotty, PharmD, Pharmacy Kara Davis, RN, Post Anesthesia Care Unit Katherine Davis, Emergency Medicine Susan Davis, Emergency Medicine Theresa Elliott, RRT, Respiratory Care Lauren Engleman, RN, B5/Critical Care Danielle Fedders, RN, Specialty Resource Unit Angela Finch, RN, Post Anesthesia Care Unit Lynne Fogel, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Holly Foley, Cardiac Catheterization Kimberly Frost, RN, Operating Room Mickie Furnish, RN, A7 Central Blair Grant, A7 Central Britne Gregg, Rheumatology Stephanie Haddix, Dermatology Lisa Hart, RN, B5/Critical Care Sheila Hayes, Hematology/Oncology Michelle Herre, RN, B5/Critical Care Bryan Hess, Asthma Research Jennifer Hodges, RN, College Hill Jessica Johnson, Clinical Trauma Miguel Junco, Information Services Elizabeth Kasselmann, Otolaryngology Brian Kinne, College Hill Theresa Kohne, RN, B5/Critical Care Kristie Lovins, LISW-S, Psychiatric Intake Response Center Naomi Maddox, RN, Hematology/Oncology Jennifer Mahaney, LPCC-S, Psychiatry Deborah Mancini, Human Resources Montana Matthews, RN, B6/Heart Institute Megan McCracken, RN, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Dennis McWhorter, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Kaitlynn Murphy, RN, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Amanda Osborn, Home Care Billing Anna Parrot, Pharmacy Diane Pelle, RN, College Hill Sonya Persky, RN, B5/Critical Care Frank Pittman, RRT, Respiratory Care Jennifer Popil, RN, Cardiology Paula Porter, Customer Connections Sandra Puthoff, Scheduling Center Carlin Ram, RN, A4 South Andrea Regner, Materials Management Rachel Schmidt, A3 South Heather Schwan, RN, B5/Critical Care Jennifer Shipman, RN, Liberty Campus/Emergency Department Krista Sipples, Batesville Caleb Smith, College Hill Natalie Spicuzza, RN, Anesthesia Imaging Lauren Strecker, Bone Marrow Transplantation Sarah Sylvest, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Pamela Taulbee, Home Care Authorization Erika Turner, Dentistry Madeline Wagner, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Alison Wall, Lindner Center of HOPE Samantha Wallace, RN, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Jennifer Walsh, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Chance White, Patient Feeding Kimberly Widmeyer, MS, LGC, Human Genetics Katharine Willen, RN, Interventional Radiology Graceann Williams, Home Care Pharmacy

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