Congratulations to the following employees who celebrate milestone service anniversaries in September:

45 Years

Charles Vorhees, PhD, Neurology

40 Years

Sandra Bruzina, Information Services

35 Years

Wayne Bruns, Clinical Engineering Monica Chapman, RN, Pulmonary Medicine Mary Gilene, Center for Professional Excellence Donna Jackson, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Rene Schappacher, RN, Green Township Urgent Care

30 Years

Barbara Beal, Clinical Laboratory

25 Years

Angela Asher, Radiology Eileen Beckman, RN, Hematology Celine Ehrnschwender, Information Services Teresa Ellerhorst, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Julie Feldstein, RRT, Pulmonary Diagnostics Michelle Harris, RN, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Linda Lacina, MSN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Matthew Lilly, Radiology Vivek Narendran, MD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Monica Raines, Radiology Marc Rothenberg, MD, PhD, Allergy and Immunology April Weber, RN, Liberty Campus/Surgery Margaret Zeller, PhD, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology

15 Years

Katherine Aponte, RN, Anderson Center/Patient Safety, Accreditation and Regulatory Affairs Susan Ash-Crumbaker, Speech Pathology David Belle, Social Services Faith Coman, RN, Vascular Access Team Tisha Danzinger, RN, Orthopaedics Center Harley Davis, College Hill Linda Demosthenes, LISW-S, Social Services Parth Divekar, Emergency Medicine Jan Englehart, Oncology Renee Etter, RN, Gastroenterology Robyn Ferrier, RN, Anesthesia Imaging Lauren Grant, RN, Hopple Street Tonya Honeycutt, RN, Emergency and Critical Care Kirsten Keppner, Speech Pathology Corinne Lehmann, MD, Adolescent Medicine Tammy Lewis-McCauley, LPN, Infectious Diseases Rebecca Lindeman, Gastroenterology Margaret Linker, APRN, CRNA, Anesthesia Punam Malik, MD, Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology Sara McCosham, Operating Room Emily McKenna, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Jill Melchers, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Shawn Muench, Coding Services Keri O’Connell, Dialysis Stephanie Pelopida, RN, Neurology Pamela Poole, Supply Chain Contract and Value Analysis Alisha Pratt, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Kirsten Reimer, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Martha Schott, RN, Pediatric Surgery Chrissy Schulte, The Heart Institute David Schumann, Marketing and Communications Rachel Sheets, RN, Endocrinology Jeffrey Shircliff, Information Services Kristina Stenger, Radiology Karin Tiemeyer, RN, MSN, Pulmonary Medicine Erik Walker, Information Services Sarah Wilhelm, RN, Operating Room

5 Years

Briana Appel, RN, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Kelly Armbrust, Liberty Campus/Emergency Department Abby Asman, RN, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Kristen Baker, A3 North Randall Banks, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Meredith Bechtle, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Briona Bland, Access Services Michael Bround, PhD, Molecular Cardiovascular Biology Elizabeth Brugger, RN, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Kristen Bunselmeier, Human Resources Leanne Buschmeier, A3 South Reema Chitalia, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers James Conder, Building Maintenance Margaret Coon, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Becky Dryer, Coding Services Haley Edwards, RN, A4 Central Kevin Ernst, Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology Sharlene Fernandes, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Cara Fosdick, MD, Psychiatry Lauren Francey, Human Genetics Malarie Funke, Emergency Services Katelyn Gellenbeck, RN, Pulmonary Medicine Carrie Gresham, Centralized Pre-authorization Eric Gulley, Budget and Financial Analysis Minzhe Guo, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Kameron Hale, Health Information Management Jason Hammonds, PhD, Infectious Diseases Jason Hill, Sterile Processing and Distribution John Hogenesch, PhD, Human Genetics Sandra Hughes, RN, Hematology/Oncology Kathleen Jarvis, Registration Services Ramesh Kudira, PhD, Gastroenterology Trista Kuechler, Psychiatry Sara Lawellin, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Chelsey Maag, Human Genetics Jennifer Mangold, Access Services Madilyn Marshall, RN, Hematology/Oncology Asia Mays, Registration Services Jennifer McNiese, LPCC, Psychiatry Paula Moody, RRT, Respiratory Care Sara Moon, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Farida Mostajabi, Anderson Center Solomon Mulholland, Veterinary Services Katherine Neltner, Human Genetics Jefuremu Njambilo, Pastoral Care Leah Obert, RN, Specialty Resource Unit Katherine Pendergraft, Anderson Center Kelsey Petrany, Anderson Center Jaclyn Phillips, RRT, Respiratory Care Chassi Poulos, Laboratory Support Services Diana Roberts, Vascular Access Team David Sandberg, RN, Burnet Campus/Emergency Department Tetsuo Shoda, PhD, Allergy and Immunology Danielle Simmons, PhD, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Karnail Singh, PhD, Infectious Diseases Mackenzie Slack, RN, Outpatient Psychiatry Claudia Southworth, Same Day Surgery Paul Spearman, MD, Infectious Diseases FNU Spoorthi, Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology Emily Stegeman, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Jessica Stindt, Access Services Heather Unrue, PhD, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Gregory Watson, Information Services Gang Wu, PhD, Human Genetics Lisa Zona, RN, Lindner Center of HOPE Sheridan Zumwald, RN, A4 South

20 Years

Fernando Bravo, Infectious Diseases Aaron Crowell, Veterinary Services Laura Faulkner, RN, Same Day Surgery Janet Forbes, Learning and Development Gayle Hertenstein, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Shelli Homan, Proton Therapy Peng-Wei Huang, Infectious Diseases Xi Jason Jiang, PhD, Infectious Diseases Carol Johnson, Allergy and Immunology Linda Kilki, Patient Services Finance Jennifer Maher, RN, Operating Room Judith McBride, LPC, BCC, Pastoral Care Laurie Meckes, RN, Liberty Campus/Post Anesthesia Care Unit Patricia Messmer, RN, Patient Services Care Management/Home Care Mary Penny, Access Services Marilyn Poynter, RN, Home Care Jennifer Sauser, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Kenneth Short, Infection Control Jennifer Sorrell, RN, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Lori Tobias, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Tricia Trimble, RN, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Trisha Weil, RN, Child Life and Integrative Care Jamie Siefring Wilhelm, Bone Marrow Transplantation

10 Years

Donna Aerni, Psychiatry Jennifer Anadio, Orthopaedics Kelly Brockman, Otolaryngology Sarah Casello, Hematology Diana Epperson, Biomedical Informatics Amber Ford, Biostatistics and Epidemiology Samantha Girgash, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Karen Harpster, PhD, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Sandra Kellam, Endocrinology Christina Keller, Asthma Research Bryan Kew, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology John Kroner, Asthma Research Teresa Latham, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Albert Magnusen, Human Genetics Susan Meierjohan, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Jennifer Miller, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Saundra Minge, Drug and Poison Information Center Melissa Minges, RN, Fetal Therapy Kathleen Neff, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Lisa Neumeier, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Kelly Olano, Biostatistics and Epidemiology Chelsey Owens, Human Genetics Mary Parise, Clinical Laboratory Kathleen Patrick, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Evan Roberts, Information Services Sarah Saylors, Clinical Engineering Christina Schell, RPh, Liberty Campus/Pharmacy Miqua Stewart, Ophthalmology Devan Stief, RN, Managers of Patient Services Terri Telesz, LISW, Social Services Tonya Upshaw, Compliance Nicole Zahka, PhD, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology

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