August/September 2021

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Rosie Belleman

Tim Bonfield

Dakota Campbell

Ralph Gruppo, MD

Shannon Kettler

Jennifer Mobilio-Hill

Leighanne Toole

Cindy Duesing, editor

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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It's been quite a summer, filled with events that give us hope, as well as things that bring us sorrow. But even as we face another surge of COVID-19, we still find a way to keep on keeping on, doing our best for patients, families and each other.

In this special double issue, we spotlight some of the people who help make Cincinnati Children's the remarkable place it is known to be—Christine Lee, PhD, who is on the frontline treating kids experiencing mental health crises; John Pestian, PhD, who is developing technology to recognize those who are at the highest risk for suicide; Claire Chougnet, PhD, PharmD, whose research has advanced our understanding of the immune response to chronic inflammation; and Anna Meloy, who discovered at an early age that she has a knack for connecting with people with disabilities.

We pay tribute to James Heubi, MD, who passed away on Aug. 4. He devoted 46 years to transforming care for kids with bile acid defects and other gastroenterological diseases and had tremendous influence in his field.

Read about the BRIMS program, which helps minority students launch research careers, and check out former director Ralph Gruppo's fascinating history of the Hemophilia Center (55 years and going strong!)

We also introduce our new Chief Residents for the academic year and talk about legacy giving, which offers a way to be even more a part of our vision and mission than you already are.

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Talking With Christine Lee, PhD Shining a Light on Suicide Can Help Prevent It