December 2020

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Rosie Belleman

Michelle Hopkins

Cindy Duesing, editor

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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In this last month of the year, when darkness comes early and the winter's cold settles in, we look for ways to create light, whether it emanates from the candles of a menorah, the twinkle from a Christmas tree or the glow from a fire in the hearth.

Within these pages, we hope you'll find sources of light in stories of hope: a vaccine for COVID-19; the fierce dedication of those who seek to give children a strong start in life; and the ingenuity of colleagues who create safe spaces for children to explore and be accepted as they are.

During this highly unconventional holiday season, may you take comfort in knowing that you are engaged in noble work and that you make a difference for each other and the patients and families we serve.

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