Congratulations to the following employees who celebrate milestone service anniversaries in August:

40 Years

Virginia-Ann Bossman, RN, A6 South

35 Years

Laurie Clark, APRN, CNP, Pre-anesthesia Consultation Clinic Jennifer Pfeffer, Microbiology Vickie Schum, RN, Information Services

30 Years

Jennifer Lohrer, RN, Schubert Research Clinic Sherri Schoo, Pharmacy Laura Weber, Child Life and Integrative Care

25 Years

Kathleen Baumhardt, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Jasenka Black, LISW, Psychiatry Tracey Carraher, RN, Medical Vigilance Solutions Jennifer Donohue, Radiology Karen Padgett, Speech Pathology Renee Sarchet, RRT, NPS, Respiratory Care Sara Valentine, Speech Pathology

20 Years

Lisa Adamson, RN, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Janelle Ballinger, RN, A6 Central Lindsay Boehl, Anderson Center Amanda Crowell, Veterinary Services Doug Dunbar, Operating Room Stephanie Eggert, APRN, CNS, Advanced Practice Providers Kelly Falcone, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Holly French, Supply Chain Contract and Value Analysis John Greinwald, MD, Otolaryngology Rhonda Higgins, Coding Services Aurora Hoobler, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Valencia Jones, Customer Connections Andrzej Kazimierczuk, Schubert Research Clinic Vineesa Knox, Scheduling Center Lisa Maxwell, Orthopaedics Center Rebecca McCabe, Access Services Kathryn McElhinney, Hematology Priscilla Feghali Murray, Patient Services Finance Melissa Neeplo, APRN, CNP, Pre-anesthesia Consultation Clinic Heather Rolke, RN, A6 Central Vicky Sanders, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Mary Ann Seigel, RN, Nephrology Lisa Sloan, Batesville Sarah Steinke, Center for School Services Laura Tucker Welte, Audiology Kelly Wenning, RN, Cardiology

15 Years

Anne Baker, RN, Mason Urgent Care Molly Bell, PharmD, Pharmacy Ellen Boeing, Home Care Pharmacy Stephanie Bolser, RN, Procedure Center Melissa Braden, Human Genetics Kimberly de Roziere, RN, Post Anesthesia Care Unit Senad Divanovic, PhD, Immunobiology Melanie DuBose, RN, BSN, Infection Control Patricia Eiler-Sims, PsyD, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Tamiki Flagg, Parking and Transportation Martine Doersen Games, RN, Infusion Center Susan Gastright, The Heart Institute Cathy Golder, Scheduling Center Aimee Gruber, APRN, CRNA, Anesthesia Lance Helton, Protective Services Adrienne Henize, JD, General and Community Pediatrics Cheryl Hilvert, LPCC, Psychiatric Intake Response Center Alisha Johnson, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Diane Kissell, Infectious Diseases Adam Lawrence, RN, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Christina Lewis, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit I-Chun Lin, RN, Managers of Patient Services Sarah Long, Human Genetics Connie McCoy, The Heart Institute Joanna Nacopoulos, MD, Emergency Medicine Andrea Pyle, RN, Liberty Campus/LA4-1 Danielle Rielag, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Angel Roudebush, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Rebecca Scheve, RN, Adolescent Medicine Amy Schmidt, RN, Vascular Malformation Team Deirdre Schubert, Psychiatry Robyn Wingard Stamm, APRN, CNP, Center for Simulation and Research Ashley Stanton, RN, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Tanya Staton, RN, Newborn Intensive Care Unit Anna Steffen, Speech Pathology Pamela Stenger, RN, Same Day Surgery Delphia Sunberg, RN, Liberty Campus/Same Day Surgery Jennifer Weaver, RN, Liberty Campus/Emergency Department Cheryl Wolfenbarger, RN, Liberty Campus/Surgery

10 Years

Jenna Abrams, RN, Gastroenterology and Liver Transplant Monica Alsip, RN, Bone Marrow Transplantation Antoinette Barnett, Orthopaedics Corrie Baumer, RN, B6/Heart Institute Michael Bender, Building Maintenance Joben Carter, Clinical Engineering Jason Clark, Bone Marrow Transplantation Katherine Clarke-Myers, Safety, Quality and Value Team Brittany Cooper, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Kevin Cornell, RN, Interventional Radiology Sharon Corson, A6 South Anthony DeLisio, Information Services Sarah Dinkelacker, RN, Same Day Surgery Amy Donnellan, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Megan Elam, Center for School Services Angela Ervin, RN, BSN, Fetal Therapy Stefanie Feldhaus, RN, Liberty Urgent Care Megan Flanagan, Human Genetics Hilary Flint, DO, Palliative Care Kathryn Foss, Pathology Rebecca Frye, Fetal Therapy Lisa Garrity, PharmD, Pharmacy Kimberly Goyette, The Heart Institute Marie Hafertepen, Accounting Sara Hansen, RN, B5/Critical Care Ashley Harris, The Heart Institute Sarah Hebbeler, LISW, Psychiatry Joan Herren, RN, Care Management Yvonne Hitchcock, Patient Feeding Margaret Hostetter, MD, Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation Liangjun Hu, Radiology Erin Iverson, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Gregg Kottyan, MD, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Leah Kottyan, PhD, Center for Autoimmune Genomics Etiology David Krull, Home Care Kevin Little, MD, Orthopaedics Patrick Lonneman, International Business Development Tameka Mason, Pediatric Urology James McCarthy, MD, Orthopaedics Nina Miller, RN, Medical Vigilance Solutions Michael Minges, Building Maintenance Joseph Palermo, MD, PhD, Gastroenterology Michelle Parker, MD, Hospital Medicine Jeremy Quillen, RRT, Respiratory Care James Regensburger, Building Maintenance Jonathan Rogers, RN, Inpatient Care Management Lauren Rosing, Information Services Masaru Ryumae, Biomedical Informatics Katherine Scheidt, Development Michael Schur, Medical Vigilance Solutions Amy Shikany, Cardiology Elizabeth Smith, Development Jeffrey Smith, Information Services Nancy Smith-Hall, Medical Vigilance Solutions Daniel Starczynowski, PhD, Hemostasis and Thrombosis Charles Stevenson, MD, Neurosurgery Xiaofei Sun, PhD, Reproductive Services Ashley Teusink-Cross, PharmD, Pharmacy Karen Turner, Medical Vigilance Solutions Lisa Vormohr, RN, Utilization Review Rhonda Wagenlander, Anderson Center Pamela Wendel, Family Relations Leah Wiess, RN, Operating Room Shan Yin, MD, MPH, Emergency Medicine Rezon Zyyon, Emergency Medicine

5 Years

Zakia Abdelhamed, PhD, Human Genetics Caitlyn Adams, RN, Neurology Mark Adelhardt, Laboratory Point of Care Tess Akgunduz, RN, B6/Heart Institute Goldie Andrews, Scheduling Center Brooke Ashworth, Radiology Brianna Baker, Customer Connections Christi Banks, Regulatory Affairs James Barnes, Registration Services Sherry Berry, Sterile Processing and Distribution Teairra Billups, Otolaryngology Chelsea Braun, Orthopaedics Center Allison Brogan, RN, A3 North Michael Brusilovsky, PhD, Allergy and Immunology Jaclyn Buck, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers James Bugge, Clinical Engineering Ramiyah Campbell, Gastroenterology Preston Carr, Orthopaedics Jing Chen, PhD, Biomedical Informatics Katy Clifton, PharmD, Pharmacy Abigail Conkright, RN, A4 South Emily Cooperstein, MD, General and Community Pediatrics Tyshonda Cousins, Patient Feeding Amelia Cowan, PharmD, Home Care Pharmacy Keisha Craft, Hematology David Crawford, Protective Services Paula Cuthrell, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers John Dammann, Information Services RaeAnne Davis, Anderson Center Caitlin Desjardins, Pastoral Care Courtney Dichiara, RN, B6/Heart Institute Elizabeth Diop, Pastoral Care Duong Thi Thuy Do, Rheumatology Julie Fels, LPCC, Psychiatry Chelsea Flahive, RD, Nutrition Therapy Rachel Franklin, Child Life and Integrative Care Holly Frye, Materials Management Asia Gardner, Development Mark Gaydosh, Behavioral Safety Team Mary Giblin, RN, Patient Services/Anesthesia Imaging Ellen Grammel, RN, Specialty Resource Unit Anne Haskins, RN, B1/Emergency Department Brooke Hater, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Devan Hayes, Neonatology and Pulmonary Biology Gary Herbert, Family Relations Nicole Hoying, RN, B6/Heart Institute Divisha Jariwala, PharmD, Pharmacy Kristine Jimenez, Mass Spectrometry Karissa Jones, Food Services Lovemore Kashoko, Information Services Sarah Kathman, RN, B5/Complex Air Matthew Kelleher, MD, Hospital Medicine Katie Kitchen, Sports Medicine Kathryn Klusas, RN, Liberty Campus/Surgery Lisa Koenig, Sports Medicine Abigail Lipsey, LISW-S, MSW, Psychiatry Astha Malik, PhD, Gastroenterology Joseph Matu, DVM, Regulatory Affairs Heather McCauley, PhD, Developmental Biology Claire McKeone, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Daniel Medeiros Almeida, MD, Psychiatry Angela Morgan, Information Services Shelley Myers, Speech Pathology Hadas Nahman Averbuch, PhD, Behavioral Medicine/Clinical Psychology Kaila Niehaus, RN, Neurology Kayla Osborne, Radiology Whitney Osborne, Seacrest Studios Melissa Oswald, Community Practice Services Ashley Palider, Human Resources Eriazel Payne, Food Services Audrey Perdew, Biomedical Informatics Giang Pham, PhD, Infectious Diseases Kathleen Pompa, APRN, CNP, Advanced Practice Providers Brey Presley, RN, Ophthalmology Center Anna Ramstetter, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Jennifer Regan, Radiology Informatics Olivia Rehman, RRT, Respiratory Care Anna Rothan, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Juan Salas, MD, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Caitlin Schafer, Transgenic Core James Schuette, Anderson Center John Simpson, Clinical Laboratory Patricia Smith, LISW-S, Social Services Jennifer Smith, RN, Nephrology Sarah Smith, Telemedicine Shahni Stanford, Registration Services Angela Steffens, RN, B1/Emergency Department Samantha Strain, RN, Specialty Resource Unit Frank Straub, College Hill Lori Sullivan, MSW, LSW, Social Services Jacklyn Tirabassi, PharmD, Pharmacy Leandra Tolusso, MS, Human Genetics Brianna Tomasi, A7 North and South/Neurology and Neuroscience Emily Tyler, Human Genetics Mollie Ulmer, RN, B4/Newborn Intensive Care Unit Kanimozhi Vairamani, PhD, Oncology Cassandra Wagner, RN, Adolescent Medicine Gregory Walker, Clinical Engineering Stephanie Ward, MD, Allergy and Immunology Cara Werner, Speech Pathology James Whitaker, Protective Services Sue Windmill, AuD, Communication Sciences Research Center Amanda Wizinsky, Perlman Center Leslie Wolf, RN, B1/Emergency Department Keith Woodson, Veterinary Services Holly Workman, RRT, Pulmonary Diagnostics Lindsay Young, MD, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute Lauren Young, RRT, Sleep Laboratory Rachel Young, Radiology Katherine Zaenger, RN, Orthopaedics Center Chelsea Zahlen, RN, B1/Emergency Departme

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